Thursday, February 03, 2005

All play and no sleep make Ethan a dull boy...

I enjoy my sleep. Make no mistake about it. Like most people, without enough sleep I tend to get sleepy, grumpy... irritable. I don't like heading to work on 5 hours of sleep, because I know I'm not going to be my usual self.

Last night, our upstairs neighbor (who I really like, he's a cool dude) was out of the building. He works as an RN or something, and keeps odd hours for work. At some point between 4 and 7 PM, his smoke detector (conveniently located near the hallway which my bedroom shares common walls with) decided that it had a low battery, and wanted to be changed. This meant beeping once, twice, or three times about every two minutes.

Being a calm fellow that I am, I did my best to ignore it, but around 1AM, I just couldn't take it anymore. Even if I'd gotten to sleep right then, I still would have only had 5 and a half hours of good sleep. So, I did what I thought was best. Rather than call the fire department and complain of a fire alarm in my building, I jimmied his door open (it's behind several other shared locked doors) and snuck in to replace the battery with one of ours. Eureka! No more beeps! I locked his place back up, and went to bed happy.

Until 6AM.

When the beeping started. Again. Apparently batteries just don't like that alarm, because it started beeping. Again. There goes my night of sleep. Per the routine mentioned earlier, I just plain removed the battery (making sure there was another sensor within a short distance), and went back downstairs to get about 45 minutes of what was less than restful sleep.

While I felt kind of bad for entering someones home without permission, he and I have spoken in the past and get along just fine. I'm sure he doesn't want the fire department knocking in his door in order to shut of a low battery warming, and I'm sure our landlord doesn't either. I hope he understands. I wrote him a note and explained everything and apologized, so hopefully he'll accept.


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