Thursday, March 23, 2006

Financial Theories

So, for the past couple of months I've been using the great free tools at Yahoo! Finance to select stocks based on a number of criteria, and then cross-reference those stocks with the reports at TD Waterhouse in order to create a mock portfolio to see how well it performs.

The first set of selections was done in late November of last year. I selected 11 stocks then, all of which followed the same formula, and decided to hold those stocks for 90 days to see how they would perform. Out of those 11 stocks, four have lost money, and seven have gained. Of the seven that have gained, 4 have had a gain of 100% or more. I closed that mock portfolio after 90 days with an overall gain of 36% (a gain of almost $20 for every $50 put in), but continue to monitor it. Eventually it had gained as much as 42% before settling back around 36%.

My second set of selections was done in late January of this year. I selected only 3 stocks, again using the same formula, and have been holding those since. That portfolio is scheduled to be closed in late April. Currently, of those three stocks, all of them have gained. One has gained 47%. Overall the current gain is 16%.

The third set of selections was done in late February of this year. At that time 8 stocks were selected, and at present four of them have gained, and four have lost. The four that have gained have gained at least 10%, while the four that lave lost have lost a maximum of 3%. So, overall the portfolio currently has a gain of 6%.

So why am I telling you all this? Well, it's stock picking day. Today I put together my new mock portfolio to continue testing the market, to see if these indicators actually work or not, and I figured I'd share the love, maybe some of you will take what I've found and run with it; buying stocks left and right. I think it's fun to study this stuff, but I'm a huge nerd, so there you go.

So, today seven stocks were selected, each with the same selection criteria as the previous lots. Those seven stocks are as follows: ACTU, ARTG, CORI, IINT, JADE, NXG, and RNDC. Use this information as you will.


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