Friday, April 21, 2006

Dragonboats!!!! ::

I am copying an email from my friend Joy about the Boston Dragon Boat Races... we need more people, and I know there are a few of you who read my blog that don't read hers, although you should, because she rocks. If you're interested in joining up for Dragon Boats, let me know ASAP!


Right now there are 6 girls and 7 guys, but it would great to find at least 3 more paddlers . And we still need a drummer and a steersperson. Ideally, the drummer should be a lightweight person who is good at shouting and not afraid to make decisions and give orders. The steersperson just needs to...steer. Training will be given at the first practice for both roles, as well as for the paddlers.

So if you know anyone like that or anyone else who might be interested in paddling, lemme know! I'd like to register ASAP so that we can start practicing. Oh yeah, and the more people we have on our team, the less each of us will have to pay!

You can go to this link: for a lot more info about the festival.

Finally, here's a link with some instructions and pictures about the dragon boat paddling technique:


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