Monday, April 03, 2006

Experiments in Fooding!

Prasanth, the quintessential "P" for the PEZ equation was nice enough to bring Pete and I some juicy, juicy mangoes back from his trip to Florida where he was visiting with his sister, Prathima (who I graduated High School with) and their family... and undoubtedly, eating money salads. Because they were already ripe when we got them, we had to think fast, and so, it took me 3 days to figure out what to make. The results? Well, just see for yourself!

Mango Cake

Of course, that's not all... the mango cake you see above used only two of the four mangoes he brought back for us, and so we needed to concoct something else... something a bit spicier. Given that it was opening day, and the Sox nailed the Rangers 7-3, including a 2-run bomb by Big Papi, we made mango salsa as well!

Mango Salsa

I can vouch for the salsa, I had a taste before dinner last night. The cake, I haven't had a full piece of yet, but it smells delicious. Pete had a bit and he said it was darned good. Also, he said it in German, which was really weird.

Anyways, if anyone wants a slice of cake, let me know... I have a whole cake :-P


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