Tuesday, April 18, 2006

From the stands... this time...

But I swear, I'll be running it again before too long.

The 2006 Boston Marathon (as I'm sure you're seeing on countless other Bostonite blogs hereabouts) fell on a beautiful day for running, though there was considerable wind off and on along the course.  For my part, I decided to set up near the 40k mark; just past the St. Mary's stop on the C-Line.  This gave me a great opportunity to play around with my telephoto lens, and to see what I could get my camera to do on a somewhat cloudy day without a flash.

2006 Boston Marathon 313
Women's top finisher Rita Jeptoo.

2006 Boston Marathon 413
Men's top finisher Robert  Cheruiyot (pronounced like Chariot, basically)

2006 Boston Marathon 380
Probably my favorite shot from the day; taken as she passed the 40k carpet.

The whole set is available at my Flickr site.  Please feel free to stop by and leave some comments or notes on my shots! :-)

The weather seemed like it was going to be a little disappointing, but in the end, even with the wind, the temperature was perfect, and most of the runners seemed like they were doing pretty well for being in the final 2 miles of the run.  That section of the course is one of the easier sections... actually, pretty much everything after Heartbreak Hill is easy in comparison.

Of course, as with every year, the difficulty came post-race, as I tried to make my way home on the T.  It took 40 minutes to get from St. Mary's back to Park St. station.  Insane!

Thankfully, I made it home with time to spare to upload all those images...

Oh, and I'm so looking forward to eating fish again, btw.  Finally.  Stupid Lent.


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