Monday, May 01, 2006

The Dead Walk...

This weekend, Davis Square played host to a new breed of humans; those who do not require food or water, only the sweet, sweet sustainance that comes from the warm blood and grey matter of the living!


The horde assembles

At approximately 6:30 PM on Saturday, a localized outbreak of zombies was spotted in Davis Square. Before too long, their bloodlust had grown, along with their numbers, and they began moving along Massachusetts Ave. towards the place believed to have the most nutritious brains in all of Boston... Harvard.

The Horde

As Zombies are want to do, they followed along, attacking bystanders all the while suspiciously staying close to the sidewalks... although sometimes when victims were nearby, they would attack cars passing by.

A near miss...

It wasn't long before they had arrived in Harvard Square, where their need to feed was finally abated. Many of them turned dormant, seeking something far sweeter to add to their now full stomachs. By which of course I mean beer.

The Horde

Keep an eye out next year, when the dead will rise again! As always, a ridiculous amount of photos can be found at my Flickr site!


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