Monday, June 12, 2006

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The majority of this past weekend was spent near or on (or in, briefly) the Charles River near the Footbridge near Harvard Square. I was taking part in the 2006 Boston Dragonboat Festival along with Pete, Larry, Joy, and a host of other brave souls. Saturday morning the rainy gloomy weather put a damper on things, but we managed to stay strong, and our boat, 'The Boat for Kids Who Don't Paddle Good' came in as the first place seed in the lower mixed bracket (meaning we're ameteurs, but the best ameteurs through that round).

Sunday was the actual tournament, and we faced some serious competition. After winning our first heat, we finished second (by only .3 seconds) to the Keyspan Flamethrowers, although I believe they had an advantage at the start line. Our time was very good, so we were confident we'd move on. However, because of some amazingly bad luck, and a lane violation that wasn't enforced, we were moved into the lower mixed final, where we dominated. Had we been moved to the upper mixed final, we would have dominated as well, but c'est la vie, as they say.

First Heat

The Festival didn't end until around 4PM, and after a long day at the races (we'd been there since 9AM), Joy, Jill, Annie, and I headed to the Red Sox/Rangers game (the second half of a double-header), where we watched the Sox get absolutely pounded by the Rangers. Both the starting pitcher (Pauley), and the relief staff (Foulke) took turns getting beaten hard by the Rangers offense, and we ended up losing 13-7. Still, it was a very nice day for a ballgame, so I can't complain too much.

Beautiful Fenway

Photos from the 2006 Boston Dragonboat Festival.

Photos from the June 11th Red Sox Game.


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